Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wow exciting news!

So as I was driving home from my less than successful fair last weekend I was talking about how I would now take the bull by the horns and contact some local boutiques to see if they would stock some of my bags.  On getting home I checked my email and saw that a lady who organises the local Congleton craft fair was setting up a shop in Congleton and wanted to stock some of my work!  What makes this slightly more spooky is that my daughter has been reading about cosmic ordering and I had been poo pooing it!  Beth has picked which items she would like and the terms are very reasonable so it is all systems go, so excited!!

Also, here is a creation I made especially for the 1940s theme weekend which I thought would be a bit more popular than it was, ho hum!

So let me know whether you have had any experience of selling your goods in local shops and how that has gone....


Gemma said...

Oooh! How exciting! Hope you get lots of sales

Minky Magic said...

Good luck with that Elissa! What is cosmic ordering? M x

Minky Magic said...
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Mangle Prints said...

Great news Elissa !. I've had much more success in selling via local shops and galleries, and because your bags are so unique, i'm sure you'll do really well. Good luck xx

Bethany Matthews said...

I can't wait to stock your work. So excited. Can you make the opening? Beth xx

Pink Milk said...

Well done you, that's brilliant news! Think they were talking about cosmic ordering on Eastenders a week or two ago - hmmm, must give it a try!

I LOVE your 1940s bag!


A Time for Stitching said...

I wish you great success with your boutique sales. I wish I was anywhere near as far down the road as you've come with your crafting!
I'm sure you'll do very well. Being approached is so much better than having to approach!

HIDE A HEART said...

Gotta embrace the COSMIC CONNECTION girl! It DOES exist!
HIDE A HEART has been placed in a few boutique shops in Oregon with some re-orders....always a happy and grateful experience!
Good luck with your local sales...Love the '40's theme bag.
Hope you will drop by HERE where I share my experiences of the Pitfalls and Promise of beginning a new biz...Please! Leave a comment too!
Have a great week!