Thursday, 2 September 2010

New year and exciting times ahead!

Well it is the first day back at school today and the first day of high school for my youngest who turned 12 yesterday as well.  She missed out on being a year higher at school by 10 1/2 hours!  However, that also meant that I was able to have her at home for another year as well.  Must admit I was a bit emotional this morning when I saw her in her little blazer as that represents the last of my babies off to the big school, ok going to move on from this topic now otherwise it will set me off again!

When I returned from my weekend fair I found out that I had won a competion over at Gone To Earths blog a voucher for £20!  As Gone to Earth is one of my favourite online fabric shops you can imagine how excited I was.  I spent a lovely hour browsing the shop picking out my fabric and this is what I chose.  I was really impressed because I ordered it mid afternoon on Friday thinking ooh I will get a nice parcel Monday morning and it arrived 10.30 on the Saturday!  I think I was more surprised to see our postie out at that time.

And this is my first creation with it, how cute is it!

So back to exciting times I dropped off my first batch of bags at my first stockist on Monday.  Handmade By is looking good already and the floor and other bits still had to be done so I am guessing by the grand opening on Saturday it will look stunning only 2 more sleeps to go!  So go and check out the website which is looking fab and also the facebook page for more updates!  I am attending the grand opening so will share some pictures with you.

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Crafty Baker said...

I love that blue floral bag! My son started secondary school last year, I was fine the day he started but I did blub the day I picked him up from primary the first time. He starts his second year on Monday, how time flies!! xx