Monday, 23 August 2010

Weekend at Lytham Craft Fair

So we had the 'big one' my first weekend craft fair at Lytham and the theme was 1940s.  This was due to there being lots of WWII events in Lytham, Lesley Garratt was singing at a concert on the seafront in the evening and there was lots of war reconstructions going on.  Lots of people dressed in period costume and there were WWII planes flying over, so I was told!  As I spent the weekend behind my stall and it didn't go quite as well as I was expecting, however, you can't win them all.   I made some interesting contacts and met some lovely craft folk.  However, my best sale had to be the young man who approached me  5 minutes before the end asking for advice as to what handbag would get him out of trouble when he returned from the pub later.  He tootled off with his package all nicely wrapped in tissue paper and a Not Just Handbags swish bag, very happy I just hope his girlfriend didn't give him too much grief about the pub!

So here are some images from the weekend,

My stall, and notice my lovely new bunting that I made, I was very happy with how it turned out.

Pat's stall from Wishing well art who uses crystals in her work, you cannot really tell from my picture but her work was lovely and sparkly.  I loved her use of colour and crystals and drifted off quite a few times staring at them!

Some chaps sat relaxing, very Armstrong & Miller!

And finally a young lady doing her washing on the front!


Unique Beaded Gems said...

How cool to think you could be the saviour of this young man's relationship lol! Your stall looks fabulous! Jo x

Gemma said...

Heehee! What handbag won't get me in trouble?!!
Your stall looks fab

Minky Magic said...

Your stall looks great Elissa. Love the authentic looking exhibitors! Did you wear a pinny and have your hair curled too? Shame it wasn't as expected, still you got to try these things eh.
Marie x