Friday, 13 August 2010

Those who I have met along the way....

In my last post I was in the process of re-capping over my year of blogging.  I mentioned that I had met some lovely people along the way.  One of the most important things I have learnt along my business journey is to network.  As someone once said 'no woman is an island' (I paraphrase here) and I do believe that without the help and support of a few people along the way my journey would have been a lot harder.  However, before I start the list can I just say that this list is not a complete one there are lots and lots that I would like to mention, however, for the sake of time here is a few.

First up is Marie from Vintage Inspired Accessories, she makes wonderful creations from recycled bits of broken jewellery, I like to think that she is my equivalent in jewellery as she takes pieces of jewellery and puts them into the jewellery protection programme giving them new identities and a new lease of life!

Next up is fellow bag maker and fabric addict Beverley from Miss Creativity, I suspect that Beverleys fabric addiction is nearly as bad as mine!

Followed by the fabulous quilting and all round sewing smarty pants that is Tracey over at Tracey  You might already know Tracey from her previous name of Chubby Mummy which has now gone into retirement to be replaced with a new look blog, go have a look.  Having recently started quilting myself Tracey is the benchmark to which I aspire one day!

I will mention a few more inspirational blogs, however, I am running short of time again, is it September yet?  I have children hovering around moaning about my use of the laptop when they need their fix!  I will leave you with a couple of my latest creations which will be hot footing it to Lytham with me next weekend for the fair.  I have got the details through and the theme is 1940s so sounds like it will be a good weekend.

More crazy quilting, I think I have the bug now, some chic wool plaid and the results of an afternoon spent burning chiffon!


Tracey said...

Aah.. thank you for that ... but it really has been my pleasure to watch you grow your business. You have been an inspiration to me more than once so I'm happy to that I can be your benchmark.. lol The way you are going you'll surpass it in no time. Onwards and upwards!

itsamistry said...

hello long time no see.

I love all the bags you make wish I had enough money to buy them lol. I spend more on handbag and shoes than I do on my clothes.

Good to see you doing well. Look forward to seeing more of your creations.

Minky Magic said...

Hi Elissa, a year already. Congratulations to you! Here's to an even more successful 2nd year :)
It's very kind of you to mention little old me. It's been a pleasure networking with you too. Looking forward to seeing some pics of that 40's fair. I'm sure you've made some gorgeous things for it. Marie x

Josh said...

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