Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fresh linen handbag & addition to new collection

So fresh from my fabric shopping trip on Saturday I was itching to use my new fabric and this is what I created with the linen.  The photo does not do it justice it is lovely and you are able to fit everything but the kitchen sink into it.  Colours are perfect for spring summer and would make lovely beach bags.  However, if you are not a fan of creases then you need to steer clear as it is made from pure linen and although it has a fabulous texture to it, it also creases like mad.  It is also modelled by my gorgeous eldest daughter J.  The fabric brooch is made from chiffon and cream beads and can be used on another bag or even a nice summery dress.

Also, this week created vintage tartan handbag in the new collection stylee as promised.

This week I am also needing to get some insurance organised for upcoming fairs, how complicated is it?!  I think the thing that I found most amazing is that fair organisers want you to have £5,000,000 cover.  Now don't get me wrong if someone injures themself because I was too busy sorting myself out a coffee instead of making sure my killer cloths were organised then they have every right to be compensated.  However, what on earth could someone possibly do to themselves that would require £5 million compensation? The mind boggles.

So now need to get myself into gear and get tbags listed in my shops.  Let me know what you think about the new linen bag and the vintage tartan bag.


Minky Magic said...

They are really, REALLY gorgeous Elissa. I wouldn't dare use the linen one though with two toddlers and chocolate fingers it would get trashed in seconds!
Insurance is a ridiculous mindfield, I agree! This country is a bit too H&S for me at times.
I can't believe we both posted our daughters today!

NOfkantsCurios said...

Beautiful Handbag! Would look fabulous taken to out to a wedding! Much to nice for a beach bag!

I am confused about insurance, etc... I find all rediculous, it would be different if you were demonstrating uses of chain saws!

Natalie x

Elizabeths Attic said...

I love the oversized bag and I know my daughter would love it also. The vintage bag is also very nice but not sure about the bit of lace! But having said that all your bags are brill.


I love the linen one. I agree with Natalie though. A perfect wedding bag for those of us who have young children. Looks like enough space to stick in changing stuff, drinks and breadsticks!!!!! Pity I don't have any weddings to go to.

Polly said...

I adore bags, especially handmade ones, and these are gorgeous. Too many too chose from, each have their own character. Hmmm. Now I;m wishing pay day was a little bit sooner xx