Friday, 19 February 2010

Days off & Handbag Charms

So I have had an enjoyable couple of days off which have been unashamedly lazy!  Wednesday we went to see Valentines Day fantastic, chocolate and a chick flick you really can't beat it.  I also called at Hobby Craft on the way back to purchase some jewellery making supplies for my new foray into handbag charms.  Now just remember this is my first attempt at any kind of jewellery making so be kind!

Yesterday we had a trip out to Chirk Castle outside Wrexham, we took a picnic with us (which we had in the car because it was freezing!).  Perfect for blowing away the cobwebs and ideal with all the snowdrops out for my eldest to show off her photography skills.  Will post some pictures to show you all when she uploads them, she is rather good don't know where she gets her creativity from?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and let me know what you think about my attempt at handbag charms...


Louise said...

wow - aren't they cute? I like the way you have harmonised the colours.

Not Just Handbags said...

Thanks Louise first time making anything jewellery related! However, won't be giving my sewing machine up any time soon, lol Elissax