Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Different shaped purse & Craft Fairs

ok so exciting news I have booked my first proper craft fair.  I did do a fund raiser last November, however, that was a joint effort with a friend, this one will be my first bona fide fair all on my own!  It is in Congleton in April and I have now got the bug to book a few more, however, that is where the problem is as I have asked in a few places about fairs in the North West and have had, ooooh let me count err no replies!  Also, the ones that are on are rediculous amounts for tables.  So if anyone knows of any fairs in the area any time this year please let me know.

So for todays make I have gone for simple shape purse, a lot easier to make than yesterdays.  It has also turned out a little bigger than I imagined so it could also double as a make up bag. 

Think I may have a couple of days off now as hubby has booked a couple of days off and as the kids are off I think I may have to escape for a while! Hope you all have a lovely week.


Tracey said...

Good luck with the show hunting. I'll let you know if I hear of any.

I like your label too! Its such a good idea to use your name as well as your web name. I really need to change mine.

Minky Magic said...

Have a good rest of the week with the family. I'm just about to book a couple of fairs too, but they're in the south. I'll keep my ears open though x

Pink Milk said...

Oh, you'll love the craft fair. www.stallfinder.com is a good place to keep an eye on for local fairs.

Enjoy a restful rest-of-half-term-week with your family.


MegExpressions said...

Although I do not know anything specific about the area you are in, my experience with craft fairs is that there is a HUGE disparity between cost; ie craft fairs that are free, and ones that cost more than $400. One good way to get people to actually invite you to participate in their craft fairs, I have found, is through advertising on Craigslist. Good luck to you!