Monday, 22 February 2010

If I Won the Lottery and 2 Clutch Bags

Today has been hectic this morning I completed two new bags to add to my collection.  For a change I thought I would create some clutch bags (inspiration taken from the fashion pages of Grazia!).  Anyhoo, here the are I particularly like the brown and red one, mind you I really like the way the bow has turned out on the brown and beige one, do you understand how I have ended up with so many bags now?  They are now listed in my Folksy shop if you would like to relieve me of some...

Lacking inspiration for todays blog I thought I would do a little window shopping and show you some of the items I would tootle off to buy should money actually make an appearance long enough for me to nab some before it goes straight back out to pay the bills, phew....

ok item 1 would be this beautiful Yew Wood Bowl from Bodrighy Wood

Item 2 this beautiful heart pendant from Vintage Inspired Accessories by Marie Zvezda Monro

Item 3 this gorgeous bracelet from Lynwood Jewellery


Item 4 cute bird pendant from Birdcage Creative

Finally, and definitely not least one of these amazing dolls from Rose Lullaby, I adore them they are fantastic and this one looks scarily like me first thing in the morning!


Minky Magic said...

Thanks for the mention! If I had the money I'd buy Bodrighy's bowl! But I already own something of his and don't think I can justify another purchase just yet!

Finding Charm said...

I love the red bow accent.