Monday, 21 September 2009

Pushing Water Uphill!

Not an eventful weekend just a stressful one! I had a list of things to do that I wanted to complete over the weekend which was probably where I went wrong. First on the list was to add paypal to my site page in order for friends to choose handbags and be able to pay for them. Looked so simple 'add paypal in as little as 15 minutes' was the line. Needless to say it was not 15 minutes and I am still waiting now as they need verification from the bank. The next job was to set up a page on facebook under Not Just Handbags on which I could post pictures of the bags and other information. Sooo simple I thought just like my other page, other businesses have them needless to say 15 attempts later I have now given up and will just add another very basic page to my site to do the job.

Sorry this is all sounding very negative now so will take a deep cleansing breath and end on a positive note. My friend took her bag to work with her and all her friends were really impressed and ready to place orders so only needs me to get my act together and find some applications that actually work and I am in business....

On a different subject I am feeling old this week as my eldest baby turns 14 tomorrow, where have the years gone? The years fly by and whilst you spend so much time wishing for them to sleep when they were babies now I am wishing she would get out of bed, I just can't win!


Elise said...

Ah... but 14 is nothing - you are still a spring chicken I'm sure ! Great post

Elissa said...

Thank you x

Arlene said...

Hi Elissa, thank you for visiting me. I enjoyed reading your Monday post. I had to laugh, not at you, but at the fact that I can relate. You see, I have two weeks left for my craftshow and I spent the last week on my back because my sciatic nerve acted up and I could not walk for two days. Now I'm still recuperating and I'm losing my mind since I have alot of sewing to do and can't do it...AAAHHHHH! So when you hope things would go smoothly and they just don't, well, you lose your mind like I am.
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