Friday, 18 September 2009

Back to School!

Well I completed my first session of my web designing class and must admit it was nothing like I imagined. We began some initial easy basic programming and it was not as hard as I had imagined and quite enjoyable, bring it on I say! However, the night did not start so swimmingly as I left a little too late, got completely lost in Crewe which meant that I was doing a handbrake park on the car park and then couldn't get into the classroom. You all know the type who arrive late and then cannot figure out how to get into the classroom as the door seems to be locked, the ones you sit there smugly grinning at thinking thank god that isn't me! Anyone reading this will not be surprised by this and is probably thinking that my arrival was quite tame compared to some of the embarrassing incidents I have had.... mmmmh I will leave it there for now. So embarrassment aside I really enjoyed the night and am looking forward to becoming a programming nerd!

In preparation for my nightschool class I decided to make some new school bags. This blue one on the left has satin ribbon detail which contrasts nicely with the shabby corduroy material.
However, in the end I ended up going with this nice pinstripe one, which I jazzed up with a flower corsage, Carrie eat your heart out.....

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