Monday, 14 September 2009

Up & Running, well almost!

Oh my progress seems to be tediously slow!! I have at last got my website actually onto the web (well the first page anyway) I have now got to work out how to get paypal on there so that anyone who likes what they see on my facebook page can place an order. However, I have yet to source packaging materials for posting the bags out, trying to find postal boxes to fit my bags is turning into a nightmare. They are either not big enough or would need to be custom made and I don't think adding £10 postage & packaging to the cost is going to earn me lots of customers anytime soon. So if anyone knows of any decent packaging firms in the UK where the postal boxes won't need me to re-mortgage the house please let me know.

It is only a few days now until I start my evening school web design course and I am a little apprehensive to say the least. Although I have a good basic understanding of computers and even more so design experience programming language sounds like gobbledy gook, I can see this being school maths lessons all over again!

Anyhoo this is what I have been making this week, first of all I have just finished this pinstripe bag with flower for my best friend Shell, whose services as an excellent nail technician I will be plugging when she gets her act together and sorts out some web communication!

I am also making lots of these little flowers and am beginning to think I have an addiction.....


Alisha said...

Saw your pics on flickr and love them!! I love making bags too!! I just recently opened a store on etsy and am having fun with it.

Elissa said...

Hi Alisha thanks for stopping by! I have just had a nosey at your shop I love the necklace you have a real eye for colour and composition, good luck! x