Saturday, 29 August 2009

Going it alone!

I have had some decisions to make. I have just finished two wonderful years of art college having planned to go back in September to study graphics it was a bit of a shock when I couldn't! With various government cutbacks the amount of courses available had been cut and those that were still running were not taking mature students!

So two interviews later and although they loved my work and said it was of degree level I had no course! My last interviewer was interested in my bags and said that she thought that was the way to go. After having a few hours of poor, woe is me time I realised that she may have a point. What better job could there be than being paid to mess about with my sewing machine all day?! The current economic climate was such that even if I did lose my mind and decide to return to the office I would find it difficult because there is no jobs. Therefore, the only solution was to launch my own website and to research craft fairs in the area.

My first job was to research handmade handbags on the internet and what was available. Without blowing my own trumpet too much I quickly realised that although there was a number of sites selling handmade handbags a) they were quite different from mine b) they were v.v. expensive for what they were and c) I felt that I could do just as well if not better! Thus my road was set and all I had to do now is to decide on a name, create a website and voila we were in business, literally!

The bag I have been working on this week consist of an old jacket I found in a charity shop. I love the colour of it and it proved quite lucrative as I have been able to make 3 bags from it. The pockets on the front are the original functional pockets handy for lippy and mobile!

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