Saturday, 29 August 2009

What's in a name?

The worst part was trying to come up with a name that had not already been used, was not tacky, would allow me to expand my range beyond handbags. The first stop was companies house to search names that had already been taken. This was not a fruitful use of time! We then used a site 1-2-3 reg to see what names for websites were available. One discussion we had was when hubby asked what I would be selling on and using the website for and my reply was 'well not just handbags', eureka a name is found. Frantic search later and we discovered it was available, I must say that although it sounds a little sad buying my name from the domain site was quite exciting as it meant that my idea now had an official name! Only thing left now was to build a website, easy I thought just a case of messing around with a windows document! Anyone reading this with knowledge of web design will be giggling to themselves now. Many books later and I realised that it was not just going to be a case of uploading some of my doodlings and away you go, hence deciding to enrole at college on a web designing course!

At the moment I am having various feelings ranging from exhilaration at the excitement of the challenge to sheer panic at the thought of this all going horribly wrong. What keeps me going though is the thought that I can never go back to working in an office the main reason being that my last job was blighted by working for a maniac! However, she did me one favour in that it gave me the push I needed to follow my dream so every cloud, no matter how insane they are...
What I have been working on this week.... A small bag made from suedette, the middle panel is made from an old waistcoat that I bought in a charity shop. I was really pleased with the way this one turned out as it can either dress up jeans or be used on a night out.

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Martina Masini said...

Good luck with your new blog! I am in a similar positon to you, new blog, new business etc. We are connected on Flickr and you can check out my new blog