Monday, 29 November 2010

Some new makes and getting excited!

Well it is not long now to go until the big day, the excitement has begun in our house and after a late start with the Christmas shopping it is pretty much done now apart from a few bits and pieces.  I am making the most of these Christmases as my eldest is now 15 and I have a feeling that anytime now the Christmas excitement will fade.  Although she has still asked for an advent calender  so maybe there is still hope!  We have started watching our Christmas films, however, there are some that we save for a little nearer the time as they are just so Christmassy and guaranteed to get even the biggest Grinch in the mood for the festive period and by that I mean my hubby!  So my top 10 films are:-

1) Its A Wonderfull Life - a true classic even after all these years!
2) Family Stone - quite a modern one and always makes me cry!
3) Scrooged - I adore Bill Murray
4) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - makes me cry laughing every time.
5) Love Actually
6) Nativity - a new one we saw it last year at the cinema a few days before Christmas if you haven't seen it yet a fab family Christmas film!
7) Meet Me In St. Louis - Judy Garland need I say more!
8) Gavin & Stacey Christmas special - technically not a film but Gav & Stace = class!
9) Royle Family Christmas Special - where Denise goes into labour love the scene with her dad in the bathroom.
10) Muppet Christmas Carol - who does not love the muppets!

Here are some creations I have made lately after swearing that I wouldn't be buying any more fabric until the new year I did have a slip, well two actually.  However, in my defence I was going to Abakhan to buy some Christmas goodies for the little one and I didn't actually notice that some fabric had been cut and sneaked its way into my basket until I got home.  That is what I told hubby and is the story I am sticking to!

First up is a chocolate houndstooth handbag,

and here is some of the brooches I have been making whilst cuddled up in front of the tv,

So let me know what you favourite Christmas films are just in case I have missed any!


A Time for Stitching said...

As far as I'm concerned you included the best films. Meet Me in St Louis - I just love the opening scenes! Love Actually - love it, 'actually'! Muppet Christmas Carol - the best Muppet movie and great music!!
Teresa x

Elaine said...

I'm with you in loving the Muppet Christmas Carol.

I also used to love the BBC2 tradition of having a spooky ghost story on the TV, late on Christmas Eve. They don't seem to have done it quite so much in the last few years, mind you. However, a particularly scary one they showed was called The Railwayman ..... only scary by suspence I might add, but scary non the less :)

Elaine said...

Ooops ... got the name wrong. It was called The Signal Man and apparently, it is a short story by Charles Dickens.

Red Moon said...

I still have an advent calendar and I am 33! A traditional one without chocolate too!

My favourite Christmas films are
Father Christmas
A Christmas Carol
The Box Of Delights (ok not a film but I watched it every year at primary school and made my husband buy it for me a couple of years ago!)
The Flight Before Christmas (that's right, Flight, not Night!)
3 Christmas's
To be honest I haven't watched a lot of the 'traditional' movies, but hopefully with the start of Sky Movies Christmas on Wednesday I can make amends!

Polly said...

You have to include Elf! We watch it every year, just a shame my 3 year old is a bit too young to 'get' it or we'd watch it with him.

LOVE the new broaches, Elise, but I can feel my folksy finger twiching, I hope the brown with a polka dot button is not taken cos it's so gorgeous I need it! I'll order later when son is in bed xx

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Tracey said...

The Polar Expres is one of my favourites now!