Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My First Treasury Appearance & What I did over the weekend...

Ooh excitement I have appeared in my first treasury!  Over at Etsy the lovely Mary at Mad Cat Pearls has chosen my red and brown clutch bag to be in a treasury of 'The People I have met along the way'.  So thank you Mary you made my day.

Link can be found here if you would like to leave a comment on any of the lovely items.

For our Bank Holiday Monday we had a trip out to the lovely Liverpool for a bit of retail therapy and a mooch around the Tate.  Much moaning and groaning ensued from the kids about, 'not another art gallery!', however, moaning ceased when they discovered what one of the exhibitions was.... The pictures were taken by my daughter J,

Wayne Hemingway and his son had joined forces to try and change the way people interact with art galleries.  They exhibited various sculptures from traditional to the modern and in the middle of the gallery they placed a dance floor on which you could dance to the music supplied via the headphones you put on at the beginning!  A very strange and exhilarating experience, however, quite odd when you took off your headphones you just saw people jigging around randomly.  Well worth a visit.

This picture was also taken by J one of the sculptures on display was a mirrored box which you looked into and saw a different view on each side.  However, when she took a picture it looked amazing,


The English Writer said...

Despite what my hubby thinks, I really love the Tate. We're lucky enough to have one down the road from us. It's too late to convert my husband, but I'm working on the kids! K x

Not Just Handbags said...

We visited your part of the world last year and did the tate St. Ives, much moaning & groaning then as well!It was beautiful. My daughter adores St. Ives and she did suggest we deliver your package in person! I loved the Barbara Hepworth house, now I could live there.