Monday, 24 May 2010

A Good Craft Fair & Meeting Julie Linn - Jewellery Designer

Yesterday we had the 2nd craft fair at the Victoria Mill in Congleton and boy was it a hot one!  However, we had a decent turn out and I made some sales which I was pleased about.  I sold my Jacket Bag which, although I was pleased about was like letting an old friend go, but alas her new owner was very excited about her bag and I had to let her go off and make a new life elsewhere.  This might sound strange but I think when we spend as long as we do designing and making we form an attachment and it is hard letting go.  However, a material shopping spree is looming later in the week so as you can tell I haven't spent too long fretting and am now planning which material to buy some nice light weight denim I think, mmm...

Also, I met jewellery designer Julie Linn who makes the most creative jewellery I have seen for a while. Her pieces are inspired by the re-use of unusual materials such as bike inner tubes, but when you check out what she turns them into you will be amazed!

She also creates necklaces from materials such as silk and paper.  For anyone getting married this necklace would look amazing with a simple stylish wedding dress!  So check out her website here to see more of her beautiful pieces.

I have also been making some little purses, however, the girls have already snaffled these so I may have to make some more!


Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

It's good to hear you had a successful show! I was at a country show Saturday & Sunday and it was absolutely disastrous :( Weather was boiling as you know, so many people turned up but nobody was spending. All other stall holders said the same. I think it was the type of crowd of people who just like to look. Staying positive and hoping to make up for it at my next show though!
I know what you mean about letting go of old pieces, they go through a lot with you don't they! Congrats on that sale.
Julie Linn's jewellery is very interesting.

The English Writer said...

The pictured bag is just gorgeous. I love denim bags, at one time you used to beable to find them everywhere, and now I can't find one at all, and yet they're so cool and stylish. You may have found a niche! I'll be popping over again I think!! x

Mrs Plans and Presents said...

Love the jacket bag, its so unusual.
Thanks for joining the Blog Hope again.

Ali @