Monday, 26 April 2010

Tax, When Craft Fairs go Bad & Learning Curves!

This morning I have made myself legit and no longer fear being fined.  On the Folksy forum someone had started a thread reminding everyone who had a shop that they needed to be registered as self employed.  Now I thought that this did not apply to me as my sales haven't exactly been making Prada quake in their designer boots!  However, apparently it does and also if you leave it longer than 3 months before registering you are liable to a fine.  As you can imagine I was now getting a little fidgety.  So I bit the bullet and rang the helpline (0845 915 4515) and explained what I had been up to and they couldn't have been nicer, all forms were filled in over the phone and some more information on its way through the post.  I have also put my name down for a course in my area which covers book keeping, tax forms, and what paperwork you need etc, so happy days!  So for anyone reading this who hears tax office and flinches a little don't worry give them a ring they don't bite.

So to the fair that I attended on Saturday, we were there bright and early to set up and had great expectations for the day.  However, all did not go to plan and although there were lots of people milling about and looking no one was buying, well from me anyway.  I think the problem may have been that what was billed as a craft fair was actually a collection of stall holders selling assorted products.  Now I am not snobby, however, I like to attend fairs where the vast majority of products are handmade and this was not the case.  Therefore, when people are looking at my handbags they looked shocked at the prices.  So an important lesson was learned there and mistakes that won't be repeated.  What I took away from the day was:-

1)  I now know the buyers I am aiming my bags and accessories at.
2) I know which types of events my pieces will sell best at
3) Next time don't, don't forget the sewing I had put aside to take with me as after ten minutes I was bored rigid!

So back to the creating in time for the fair booked for  next month.

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Crystal Velvet said...

I bet it wasn't even as scarey as you thought it would be!!