Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New Handbag & New Ideas...

So here is todays offering a lovely, fresh linen version of my new collection handbag with a cute chiffon and pearl fabric brooch.  The brooch can be removed and used on other fabric bags or even this seasons blazers!

I am also working on some new clutch bags and they will be along shortly.

Today I joined up to Craft Blog UK Forum and the lovely Hilary (aka Haptree) was kind enough to give me some feedback on my blog.  I have taken note of all the fabulous ideas and will be presently giving my blog a spring clean and new look, so stay tuned!


Kim said...

Lovely bag - I like the simple cleans lines.

Minky Magic said...

I've just added link within on my blog yesterday too! I've tried a few times before but it didn't work because of my background(?!) but it looks like they fixed it because it works now! It's weird seeing old posts that I had forgotten about. Look forward to seeing your new look blog soon......BTW I really like your new collection - so summery x