Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Moo Cards have arrived!

ooh excitement here at handbag headquarters as Moo Business Cards have arrived.  These are the first batch which are free therefore they contain cheeky advert for Moo & Etsy, but hey they were free.  Am impressed with the quality of them though and my proof reading, I was not expecting to receive 50 cards with Not Jus Hanbags on at all!

Here they are in the lovely little tub I snaffled from the charity shop which will look lush on the front of my stall!

Where coincidentally I also came across this vintage tweed lurking at the bottom of a fabric tub unloved and just screaming to be made into a bag.  Mind you it is gorgeous and it may take a while before I am able to cut into it.

On a final note here is my house bunny sooty who I mentioned in the previous post.  She is a Rex and about 3 1/2 now, she is very temperamental so she fits in well with the ladies of the house, lol!

Mind you from the looks of this picture she needs a trip to the salon for a pedi!


trinket box said...

Your business cards look great, and they look lovely in that little tub!
You could always chop the advertising off them - I made mine so I could do that, and it looks to me like your info would stay intact if you did it! x

Nic :) said...

Loving your little business cards - they're fantastic!

Minky Magic said...

Great cards! How's the stall design coming on? Loving that fabric, but then I should do with my surname! If you ever come across a Monro or Mackenzie tartan you'll have to make me something from it! Cheers me dears x

Not Just Handbags said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! Marie will do! and stall design is coming along good had really good idea about attaching bags to the front of my stall will show you all next week. x

Minky Magic said...

Look forward to seeing what you came up with!