Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Alice In Wonderland & A Blog Award

So today has been a really productive day and in turn a more positive one than Monday, however, that probably was not difficult to achieve!  This morning I spent machine embroidering some Alice pictures and I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing that, it is like drawing with your machine.  However, all did not quite go to plan as I cut the fabric too close around the picture, ho hum, this is what I like to call a happy accident so I am now planning on doing a few more and will applique them onto a larger bag, tomorrows project!  However, the little bag I have cut out is going to be very cute will show you that tomorrow.  Anyhoo, here are my first two Alice embroideries.

You will have to excuse my very questionable photography skills!

Also, on checking my blog this morning discovered that I had been given an award by the lovely Marie over at Vintage Inspired Accessories.  I have been lucky enough to have been awarded the sunshine blog a few times and I do appreciate everyone who gave it, thank you!  So here is my award from Marie and there are no rules about who to pass it on to, however, I do have a few wonderful blogs in mind so will announce that tomorrow.  Hope you all having a lovely week so far, ciao!


Susiem (Lynwood Jewellery) said...

Cant wait to see the results of your Alice in Wonderland embroidery - wish I could sew

Minky Magic said...

This looks fab Elissa. Look forward to seeing what you create with them!

Tracey said...

ooh your embroidery is lovely. Very inspiring !

Congrats on the award too!

Not Just Handbags said...

ooh Thanks Ladies!