Sunday, 10 January 2010

One A Day Challenge!

I am part of the Crafts Forum and was recently invited to take part in a challenge by Beads By Design (her blog), whereby we make one item a day.  Now this came at a particularly good time as I am currently building a new sparkly website and want to put some new stock into it.  So here are my first two items to catch up. 

Day 1

Handbag made with new material purchased over Christmas holidays.  Idea was to create small bags ideal for nights out on the town.  It has a green, silky swag detail with a mother of pearl buckle.  The fastening is a zip one (which I am quite proud of as it was my first and quite possibly last! lol).

  All in all a nice little bag just big enough for your phone, lippy and other essential items for a night out!

Day 2  This next bag is based on similar design, however, fastening is magnetic snap and it has a star bow detail, very this season!  I like the bow on this bag and may make a hair accessory as I think it would look good on a headband.

Ok time to finish day 3's item now I won't give away what it is just yet but I will need to bribe my daughter to model it for me. 


Louise said...

Oooh, I like day 2's bag! Well done being able to make something that nice in one day... It would take me at least a few!

Tracey said...

This is fantastic .. I can see you are on a roll now! I like that you are developing your own style. These bags are very cute.

Not Just Handbags said...

ooh thank you ladies! Yes am definitely on a roll now just needed a kick up the bum to get started, lol. Particularly liking the bow I can see a bow appearing on everything now!

SparkleSmith said...

Really beautiful bags, loving the colours too.

susiem said...

I love this bag, it is divine!