Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day 6 Bag

ok after this mornings excitement I am back on track again.  This is the bag I have made for day 6.  I am not too keen on it myself it looked a lot nicer in my head.  Does anyone else find that?  You have an idea and plan it out in your head then when you make it you think something that is not what it is supposed to look like.  Anyhoo enough wittering lets get cutting tomorrow's creation out........

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Tracey said...

Oh yes .. in my head I make works of art all the time. But I tend to make things 'on the hoof' so I rarely achieve what I had planned in my mind. I like it better that way too most of the time. Some things work and some things dont BUT at least you have created something. The more you make .. the more you will find you make what you intended!

Personally I quite like the funkyness of your unique design.