Tuesday, 24 November 2009

This week I have been concentrating on getting my website http://www.notjusthandbags.co.uk/ spick and span, whilst trying to organise it into a more professional layout.  However, my copy of dreamweaver is not working and I am having to resort to a combination of windows publisher and html coding which whilst it gives you a buzz to know that you are doing it all 'by hand' so to speak leaves you at times banging your head on the keyboard! 

I am going to add an accessories section to my site and capitalise on the success of my fabric brooches at the recent fair.  So fingers crossed.

Also, this week I have discovered something called crazy quilting.  Having partially assembled some Christmas fabric into patchwork cushions (photos in later blogs) I was mooching on the internet and discovered this practice, amazing!  At last something that a) uses up all those bits of fabric you keep because they will be useful one day! b) I don't have to think about the layout and c) allows my creativity to flow as it is made up as you go along.  Some of the pieces I have been working on already scream to be bag fronts so will keep you posted!

I have noticed that I know have 22 lovely people following my witterings so hellooo to you all, I also have 39 on my facebook page,  ooh I can feel a give away coming on??..............

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