Sunday, 1 November 2009


Been very busy this week hence no posts! I have now ordered snazzy carriers (recycled of course!) and tissue paper for upcoming craft fair. I have kept the order low in order to keep costs down, so have just ordered 25 although the way sales are going at present I feel that is very optimistic and I may have them for a very long time!

Back to halloween the curse of every busy mother! Big child decided that being a horror buff she wanted to go as one of The Strangers which was very handy as it only involved painting a mask. I was quite proud of the result myself!
Smaller child on the other hand wanted to go as a cat, which involved ears and tail, although she did look very cute! Also, was quite proud of the ears as they stayed on, result. So costumes completed window decorated we waited patiently for trick or treaters..........

This week no bag making as I have been concentrating on social networking to get my name out and about (with moderate success), making up business cards, leaflets and this afternoon the painting of a sign to go on said craft fair stall. Hopefully my next post will not be as delayed as this one. Anyhoo halloween decorations are down and now it is truly my favourite time of year countdown to Christmas!


Tracey said...

..its been very slow at Chubby Mummy too! I did make a sale last week though just as the post strike hit!

My big kids all decided Halloween was too much this year and the little one was 'candied' out from his birthday last week. So I was happy!

Keep networking!

Elissa said...

Oh you are soo lucky! I am always glad when halloween is over, huge hassle. Good news about the sale not so much about the post strike I imagine there are quite a few of us waiting with baited breath to see if they can resolve the dispute. Mind you if customer is not too far away I would be tempted to drop off, adding to the personal touch! Elissa x