Thursday, 15 October 2009

These are a few of my favourite things

I have been avoiding this post as I have been desperately trying to be very businesslike with this blog and not deviate. However, I can refrain no longer returning from taking the kids to school this morning I looked at the trees and I thought yippee autumn is now here! I adore this time of year, people moan and say about dark nights but I love it. I truly know that winter is approaching when one of my favourite programmes begins Autumnwatch and I know it is really sad and the kids moan but I don't care. Autumn also means that Christmas is not far away and all I have to do is endure Halloween which has got to be the biggest pain in every mums bum. I must admit the decorator in me loves decorating the window and seeing the little ones coming around, it is just the big teenage ones that scare me to death and half of them don't wear a mask!

I also love sitting in my nice, warm, cosy house watching the tv and sewing. This year I will be mainly sewing these little beauties that I found trawling the web. If I start now they will make excellent pressies for my girls to give their friends for Christmas. Click here to see fab tutorial and pattern of how to make them. Thanks Sarah. x

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