Thursday, 1 October 2009

So close now I can smell it!

I have been working hard this week on my website and am quite proud of myself even if I do say it myself! Admittedly there has been lots of swearing and cursing, which is why I do it when the kids are at school, so only the house bunny and the budgie to scare. I have created it using a combination of my own html programming, yes I know it was a shock to me too that I could do it. I have discovered that, and am finally admitting, I am a closet geek much to my hubby's amusement as he has been an out and proud geek all his life. It has come so easily that I am starting to wonder if I am the re-incarnated Ada Lovelace! Anyhoo these are the first drafts let me know what you think ......

ooh by the way the image is a detail from one of my bags.

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