Monday, 31 January 2011

To The Lighthouse and more...

Thank you for all your birthday wishes!  I have had a wonderful weekend and am reluctant to come back down to earth.  So here are some pictures to show you what I have been upto!

First of all there was lunch at The Grosvenor Hotel in Chester, for those of you not local it is extremely posh, well it was before we got there!

Then it was off to The Lighthouse in Llandudno to fulfill a childhood wish of staying in a lighthouse, I was a huge Famous Five fan, however, I was a little disappointed there was no secret passageway!

Our room The Telepgraph room,

The view from one of the windows,

Then on Saturday night it was out for a big meal with family and my mum had this cake made for me I almost didn't want to cut into it, however, teenage daughter whipped the knife out of my hand for a slice.  Luckily I managed to take a picture first!

So that is it all birthday celebrations over now and back down to earth, however, I have some fantastic memories and some lovely new toys to play with.


Mangle Prints said...

Wow what a beautiful hotel ! Glad you had a great Birthday Elissa xx

Silver Thistle said...

Hiya from your newest follower from the Crafts Forum :-)
Just off to get a coffee and read some of your more recent posts, Seems you had a good birthday too, thanks for sharing.
I love your upcycled pieces though :-) they are GREAT :-)

Silly Old Bear Crafts said...

Wow that looks fantastic! Glad you had a great weekend.


A Time for Stitching said...

What fun to stay in a lighthouse. The cake looks fantastic - love the cotton reel! Looks like you have great memories of your 40th to treasure.
Teresa x

cupcakejojo said...

How fantastic! Happy belated birthday to you!!! x x

Minky Magic said...

What a gorgeously romantic weekend Elissa...well you're only 40 once so it's gotta be a good celebration and life begins now! Marie x

Bee happy said...

I am so jelous of the lighthouse, I am a Famous Five fan aswell, it looks ace there.

Hope you really enjoyed it.

Bee happy x