Thursday, 15 July 2010

Crazy Quilting Bag

Just a quick post to show you what I made with my section of crazy quilting.  I took Laurraine's advice from Patchwork Pottery and chopped it up and sewed it back together this gave me a long strip and I then attached it to the front of a linen tote bag.  I must say I am very pleased with the outcome and because of the size of wadding I have used it is very squishy in texture and if stranded somewhere would make an excellent pillow as suggested by G!

This week is unbelievably busy with all end of term activities, we had little one's Leavers Assembly yesterday which was quite emotional as a couple of her friends who she has had since first day at nursery are not going to the same high school.  So on the final song there were quite a few misty eyed parents, end of an era.  Today we are going to J's prize giving ceremony where she is receiving her first prize for PE.  We are soo proud of her as she had a tricky start to high school, she drifted away from her old friends and lets just say that her new ones were every parents nightmare.  Luckily, we managed to get through this period and she returned to her old, more suitable, friends and she has also turned her academic studies around and we are so proud.  Of course when we keep telling her this, being a typical teenager she says 'shush you are embarrassing me!'  So when she goes up to get her award I will have to be very restrained or risk her wrath when she gets home.

It is coming up to nearly a year since I started blogging and the time has flown so my new few posts will be recapping on everything that has happened in this first exciting year and everything I have learned.  I hope you all have a wonderful summer holidays and thank you soo much for enjoying the journey with me! Elissa x

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Elizabeths Attic said...

Hello and thank you for your comments on my (nearly one year too) blog. You brought back many memories with your story of end of term. Although such a long time ago for me I remember it all so well. But the best has yet to come, the day your children graduate. My daughters graduation from the University of Lancashire was a very proud moment and there were wet hankys all round. So enjoy the ride and what does it matter if you shout and cheer when she receives her award, you are a mum thats your job!!! lol. Have a great weekend.