Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thrills, spills and a new bag!

I have been a bad blogger this week as I have been extremely busy!  At the weekend my eldest daughter was high jumping for her school, so Saturday afternoon was spent in a nice sunny field which was a nice change to the freezing muddy ones we normally have to frequent!  Sunday was spent catching up on house work, most definitely not fun!  But then Tuesday was our annual pilgrimage to Alton Towers, it is our one day in the year we have a day out as a family including grandparents and are thrown about, scared to death and eat lots of lovely junk food.  My eldest is a speed freak like me and since my knee op means I cannot go on some of the rides (as knee doesn't bend back properly) she goes on for me and tells me all about them.   Good times!

Anyway back to business this is the new bag I have made from the inspiration packs I ordered from Patch Fabrics, this is the first one, second is to follow.  As the fabric supplied was fat quarters this meant I had to be a little imaginative in the design that I could use.  However, these fabrics go together really well so may have to order bigger quantities of these fabrics to make some bigger bags.


Jewellery By Shalini said...

Hi there! Just stopping by to wave Hello from Women Wednesday blog hop :-)

patchfabrics said...

Thanks for posting on Patch..the bag looks great. I'm glad you liked the packs :)

Alisha said...

I love your etsy shop!! I too love bags!!! You have great work!