Monday, 17 May 2010

Making my own display stands and handbags!

It was a busy weekend here at handbag headquarters I have the 2nd of my regular monthly craft fairs next Sunday and this time I wanted something to display my larger handbags on.  Most of my regular bags will stand up with the aid of some little stands that I snaffled at Lidl of all places! However, the larger ones need something bigger.  I knew that I didn't want metal as I wanted my display to have a natural organicy (new word I have made up!) feel to it.  So whilst mooching around in my local Instore I came across some trellis and bought two with the aim of hinging them together and voila!  Here they are in there primed up glory,

And here it is all painted up with flowers and my bags,

I have got some clamps to secure it to my table and think it does the job well, what do you think?

Also, I have been working on another shape of bags in the form of my mini hobo.  I love the slouchy feel of the hobo style however, there are times when you just don't need a bag that big, hence, the mini hobo!

And a slightly larger version with gorgeous Amy Butler fabric detail,


The English Writer said...

What a brilliant idea, simple and inexpensive, Karen.

Chloe' said...

What a fantastic idea!! =D your DIY'd trellis displays your bags beautifully! you could use a similar technique in your studio too - thankyou for the inspiration!

Chloe x

Shpangle said...

I like it! The fact that is isn't a solid 'barrier' works very well.


Jenny said...

What a really good idea for displaying your bags!

Ali said...

Great idea - these look really good and show off your lovely bags perfectly!

Dish dash bags said...

Thanks for visiting my facebook page.
I love your top bag with flower.

Claire x

Purely Paige said...

That trellis is such a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing! Now if only I knew how to make beautiful handbags like yours! ;) I love your fabric choices and I really like the not so slouchy version of a hobo bag! Adorable!

Glitz and Glamour said...

Elissa, your talents never cease to amaze me. What a brilliant idea.Showcasing your bags thats beautifully should increase the sales.

Decoromana said...

I love your handbags! Thank you for following my blog :)