Monday, 19 April 2010

First Craft Fair & Craft Gawker

So yesterday I was up bright and early, well early anyway.  Having packed the day before, (very organised) all that was left was to pack up the car and head off.  I was very nervous as I have done a couple of fairs previously with a friend at our local college where we both studied art and design. However, this was the first one all on my ownsome with all of my own work.  I had not met anyone from my little craftworld so was a little anxious as to whether they would like me and more importantly would they nick my dinner money, it was like the first day of school all over again, lol!  I needn't have worried though as everyone was lovely and I even had a cup of coffee made for me.  After help setting up from my assistants (hubby and little girl) I was left to it.  I had taken some sewing with me so that I could make some kanzashi flowers whilst I sat, being very shy this also gave me something to concentrate on. I thought I could get used to this sitting sewing and drinking coffee and chatting, not being mithered to death by the kids, bliss!

The day went well, considering it was the first fair organised by Beth at the Victoria Mill in Congleton.  There was a steady stream of people, but not too many to freak me out on my first venture otherwise I would have sat there like a rabbit in the headlights!  I sold a couple of items, had lots of lovely chats with people, when they saw me sewing they ventured over and were fascinated about how the kanzashi flower brooches were created.  This also gave me a way to break the ice as being a bit shy I always find it hard to initiate conversations, this also led onto me being able to explain about how I reclaim different fabrics and make them into the bags.  So I had lots of lovely feedback about my bags, met some great people and am looking forward to the next one as these are becoming a monthly event.

My stall, taken a little into the afternoon so missing a few items and not looking a sparkly as it did first thing.

This is Beth's stall who organised the fair, she makes fascinators and other lovely jewellery and can be found here

This is Laura Jane's stall and she makes the most amazing ceramic pieces and also wedding stationary

She can be contacted here if you would like to discuss her work.

So all in all a good day which left me exhausted, happy and looking forward to the next one!

Today I also discovered that Craft Gawker had accepted one of my submissions!  I was really pleased about this as any of you who know Craft Gawker will know how fussy they are and what high standards they have.  Considering my pictures sometimes take a little bit of criticism I was a happy bunny indeed so to find out more about Craft Gawker go over and have a look and also vote for my piece if you so wish.


Shpangle said...

Glad you had a good day at the fair, I've not managed to pluck up the courage to do one yet this year :(

Also well done with Craft Gawker, they are soooooo fussy!!

Minky Magic said...

Your stall looks great, love the khaki coloured table cloth! It really makes your banner stand out. Glad it went well - it looks pretty organised, exhibitors stalls looks equally lovely and fantastic that you sold some stuff. I expect trade will pick up if people know you are going to be there regularly. Thanks for your comment on my fabric flowers post, it means alot that you like them because you know what you're doing and talking about when it comes to these fabric things!

Elizabeths Attic said...

Your table looks fab and your stock wonderful as always. Let me know the date of the next fayre and I can drive over to Congleton to see you and your bags in person.


Your table looks good. The practise run was worth it. I also felt very timid the first time I did one, and although I still get a little nervous I enjoy being out getting feedback. I just wish I had a few more sales!

Minky Magic said...

Have finally subscribed to Craftgawker so have favourited your bag as last! There are some really gorgeous things - another place to lose a few hours!