Monday, 15 March 2010

Mothers Day treats galore!

So yesterday was Mothers Day and for one day only (well about 6 hours anyway!) I was treated and allowed to relax.  My gorgeous girls bought me a beautiful green glass vase and filled it with flowers.  I had my lunch cooked and afterwards we went out for a mooc around my local antique and craft emporium.  I love this place it is an Aladdins Cave filled with all kinds of good things (or junk as my hubby likes to remind me) but one persons junk is another persons treasure.  In one of the units there is just general bric a brac items and in another there is wonderful old antique furniture which would require me having a home big enough to house these items let alone being able to afford some of them.  So if any of you are from the North West and haven't been before Dagfields Antique & Craft Centre is amazing! 

Anyway I digress I had gone with the specific idea of getting something to put all my fabric brooches in on my stall.  I don't know whether anyone else does this but I knew what I wanted I just couldn't explain it all I could tell them was 'I will know when I see it!'  Sooo, much searching and rooting later I found it (much to hubbys and kids relief as they were all moaning for an ice cream by this point).  So here is my vase and flowers,

and here is the bowl we searched for all worn and looking like it could tell a tale or in the words of hubby battered and old looking!

Today I have also been mainly staining things with tea.  I bought two lacey style mats (from the charity shop)to put on my stall.  Alas, they were a tad white and new looking so two tea bags and a bit of hot water later and they now look like this..

So still on my to do list fair wise is a banner to go overhead which I am thinking of fashioning out of a roll of lining paper and some dowling, leaflets and some business cards.  I am collecting lots of different sized boxes to create some height for a display, however, I am thinking of utilising some space across the front.  To achieve this I am thinking of some washing line and fancy pegs to attach some tote bags to unless you have a better idea if so please share..... But so far it is looking like this...

Obviously it will have more stock on it but not too much as I am thinking of taking some and keeping them in boxes under the table then hopefully as something sells I can replace it.  So let me know any ideas you have for attaching some bags across the front of the table....

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Minky Magic said...

Lovely to be spoilt if only for a few hours!
I do have a couple of display ideas and @'m sorry that I have not got around to sharing them with you yet have I!? The line with pegs on was one of them, but we seem to be on the same wavelength there, and I had another one about putting your brooches on a wired old frame. I will email you soon with a couple of images. Looking good so far though, love those doily mats!