Monday, 8 February 2010

One A Day Challenge Brown & Red Shopper With A Twist!

Ok so here is today's make using all my favourite colours, brown, red and black, it is now listed in my Folksy shop.  I have made many shopper/tote bags and too be honest they are a bit boring aren't.  However, this classy number is different, first of all there is rope handles and security aspect that I like is the zipper is at the back, means no more pick pockets!  The handle carriers are made from some deep red silk that I snaffled on Saturday and aside from a bit of minor cursing with the handles I am quite pleased with this, let me know what you think......

So it is that time of year again when thoughts drift to where to go on holiday.  However, this year in Handbag Headquarters the funds are low, not quite so low as we are thinking paddling pool and ice lollies but not far off!

Last year we went to Cornwall and stayed here at Gwel An Mor it was amazing the lodges are fantastic and after 2 wonderful weeks we were really sad to come home.  The highlight of that trip for me was the Tate Cornwall and seeing Barbara Hepworths house and studio (it wasn't the kids highlight and there was a lot of moaning, something about oh no not another art gallery!).

The highlight for the kids was a nature walk that we went on, organised through the site which included feeding foxes that had been rescued and flying a barn owl.  Seeing the red foxes up close like that was amazing.

The picture is a little blurry as although they had been reared in captivity they were not completely used to human contact and were very quick!

Ok so after that trip down memory lane I am more than a little fed up!  So I am going to have to get my thinking cap on and selling a few more handbags might help as well, best go crank up that machine again!


Minky Magic said...

This one has a kind of Queen's Guard feel to it, with those tassels and red lapels! I love the Hepworth Museum, I studied Fine Art at Falmouth College so I was only up the road. The other lovely place in St Ives was the Potter Bernard Leach's house, just brilliant! I've not been back to Cornwall in a few years now though.

Tracey said...

We gave up on family holidays a while back .. way to many arguments between the kids so now we divide and conquer. A special trip with the rugby team for one, a beach holiday for one with her girl friends, a trip to Ireland for a quilting retreat for me, dh travels to exotic places all the time for work and ropes in a few days here and there. So that only leaves the little one and he loves a day trip to the beach or the sea-life centre as much as a trip to the park. Now we are all happy!

I just had a look at all your bags over the last few days - I missed a few during my slump! I really like the teeny brown and green and who couldn't resist the brief encounters one!

I will sing into the wind tonight for you to make lots of sales (or win the lottery) so you can go wherever you want!