Thursday, 4 February 2010

One A Day Challenge 1950's Inspired Tweed Bow Bag

I thought I was being tad keen promising to post this yesterday!  Anyhoo, better late than never here is today's  offering a Purple Tweed Bow Bag and it is going straight into my Folksy shop. Bows were really big in the 50's and have recently made a fashion comeback. 

For some reason whilst making this bag I was reminded of one of my favourite B&W films Noel Cowards A Brief Encounter, I don't know whether it was the tweed or the fact that I have been listening to chick flick soundtrack whilst sewing.  I feel like I should be sat in a railway cafe waiting for my gentleman friend and on that note I will leave you hope you all have a simply, super evening!

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niftyknits said...

oh I love Brief Encounter! I don't know how something so understated can be so sexy! I wonder if you've seen another of my vintage faves: Harold and Maude? Well worth seeking out, soundtrack by Cat Stevens.

Nice bag - nearly forgot!