Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Day 4 Minnie Joins the Army!

Well here is day 4's offering I told you there would be more bows!  I don't consider myself a girly girl at all, however, this seasons fashion with the bows is starting to appeal.  That said, I have done the bow in a khaki colour so maybe just baby steps towards girliness!

My next make involves some of the gazillions of buttons I seem to have hoarded and there is also some lovely green patterned material calling to me from my fabric stash that is just begging to be made into a bag or some kind.

Today I am also going to look into setting up my folksy account.  Whilst I have done quite well in google listings for my site, sales have been, well lets just say a little slow, lol.  Therefore, I was thinking of spending a while of folksy to see what that brings, even if the sales are enough to cover my fabric habit, which I think at some point I am going to have to get help with! 

Hope you are all a little warmer if only by a few degrees.  The snow has all but gone up here in the North West, however, the weather lady said it will be back again tomorrow,oh joy just in time for a trek to the hospital!


Louise said...

I like it, bows rock!

Minky Magic said...

Well done on another creation today, you seem to be on a bit of a roll!