Thursday, 28 January 2010

Day 16 Pink & Purple Kanzashi Flower Brooch

I don't know what is wrong this week I seem to be literally grinding to a halt!  Also, apologies in advance this keyboard is driving me mad as it is missing out random letters so my posts may end up looking like they have been written by a demented monkey! 

My initial enthusiasm seems to be waning, I think I am finding it hard to keep up that much constant work and seeing no reward for it.  Even if I do say so myself my self promotion on the web is unbelievable to the point I imagine most of the fellow crafters out there think 'oh lord not her again!'  (Proves it is working!;-), I am page 1 on Google under the term original handmade handbags, which considering I don't pay for listings is pretty good.  Yet, still nothing!  Anyway, sorry moan over.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am wondering whether hubby has granted my request.  When he asked what I wanted, I replied that I would love one of the tins of buttons they have down at my local charity shop that I am frequently found raiding.  Yes, I know some women ask for jewellery and perfume and I ask for a large quality street tin full of old buttons, the heart cannot help what it wants.  Anyhoo, from the look on his face when faced with this request it will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.....

As I say my creativity is waning this week a little so I have had to fall back on my old favourites for m one a day challenge piece.  So here is a pink & purple kanzashi flower, I love to make these sat in front of the tv at night and they instantly brighten up an old bag or jacket.

ooh p.s.  Also, thank you to the lovely Abi over at Birdcage Creative for awarding me a lovely sunshine award, you cheered up an otherwise dull day!


Pink Milk said...

I am in awe of your constant flow of creativity so I think you are owed a day or two off!

Have a super duper birthday tomorrow.

Hx said...

Happy Birthday!
And I'm giving you a Sunside Blog award!
Please collect from my blog and past onto twelve other blogs...