Friday, 11 December 2009

Feathers, feathers Everywhere!

I have had an extremely busy week this week.  On Monday my youngest baby was singing in Young Voices at Manchester MEN Arena, Tuesday they had athletics, Wednesday football tournament, Thursday was assessment for Web Design course and tonight is finally night off!  We are off round to a friends for a meal, a chat and possibly a glass of wine or three!

Craft wise this week I had the wonderful luck to start chatting to Krysia on Crafts Forum aka Sparklyshoes who had a lot of feathers and wanted to know what people used them for.  I replied that I use them in my fabric brooches and thus a deal with was struck.  In return for a bag she had spied she sent me feathers and boy did she send me feathers there was an extremely large box full of the most beautiful feathers in all different colours.  Alas, I could not restrain myself anymore, even being time poor I made these feathered hair clips which were promptly snapped up my eldest daughter for her friends' Christmas presents.  Anyhoo have a look and let me know what you think.........