Monday, 31 May 2010

Give Away and the Winners are.....?

Huge thank you to everyone who entered both here and on Facebook!  I have drawn the four winners and contacted them and on receipt of their addresses their bags will be winging there way to them.  To everyone who didn't win this time stay tuned for the next give away!

*Dottie Designs won bag number 1
*Shan Ross (facebook fan) won bag number 2
*Pirates Treasures Jewellery won bag number 3
*Rachel from Glam Glass won bag number 4

Friday, 28 May 2010

Upcycled Jeans Handbag & Featured on UK Handmade

So this week I have been mainly chopping up jeans!  I had a request from a follower asking whether I created in denim and this got me thinking.  I retrieved some old jeans destined for the charity shop and decided to put them in my handbag protection programme!  They now no longer resemble their former selves and look a lot nicer even if I do say so myself.  I have completed the bag with a chiffon fabric brooch in my favourite colours of brown and blue, what do you think?  I am definitely going to have to make one for myself and I fear hubbys jeans are crying out to be made into something pretty....

On another note over at UK Handmade they have posted about designer bag maker Louis Vuitton being told off for claiming that their bags are handmade, what do you think? mmm.. Have a look here to view the full article and check out one of the bags featured.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ooh look what I won....

A lovely pair of earrings from Lou Lou's Luxuries!  They came all beautifully packaged with a lovely vintage stylee card.  However, when youngest child saw them she snaffled them straight away so may need to contact Lou to see if she will do me a custom order of another pair for teenager.  Funniest thing was youngest running off shouting 'well J you snooze you lose!'  So nip over and check out her shop where she has all manner of lovely pieces!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Events Coming Up & Don't Forget to enter the Giveaway!

Apologies for this blog post it is a bit of a mish mash of catch ups!  We have been having intermittent broadband connection over the last couple of days so need to get as much information out before it goes again!

I thought I would share with you some events that I have booked for this year.  I would also be interested if anyone else will be attending the same ones.

*Sunday 25th July Barton Village Hall, near Preston

*Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd Lytham Craft Weekend, Lytham St. Annes

*Sunday 26th September Whitchurch Market Hall Shropshire

*Sunday 24th October Lydiate Parish Hall Merseyside

I have just booked my hotel for the weekend fair, and am a little nervous as it will be the first big weekend fair that I have done.  I am also looking for  some nice Christmas craft fairs in the North West area so if anyone knows of any can you pass the information along.

Also, don't forget to enter the Giveaway still a few days left until the draw on the 30th May.  You need to follow and leave a message on the Giveaway blog post about which bag you would like and then all the entries will go into 4 separate 'hats' and a winner chosen.  To double your chances you could join my Facebook Fan Page as well this will give you 2 entries, you will need to scroll down the page a bit to find the Giveaway.

Finally, I always like to see pictures of what people are working on when reading blogs so here is a picture of some brooches I have been working on.  My favourite so far is the brown and blue chiffon one, I am toying with the idea of adding some ribbon but don't know whether that would be too much, what do you think?...

Monday, 24 May 2010

A Good Craft Fair & Meeting Julie Linn - Jewellery Designer

Yesterday we had the 2nd craft fair at the Victoria Mill in Congleton and boy was it a hot one!  However, we had a decent turn out and I made some sales which I was pleased about.  I sold my Jacket Bag which, although I was pleased about was like letting an old friend go, but alas her new owner was very excited about her bag and I had to let her go off and make a new life elsewhere.  This might sound strange but I think when we spend as long as we do designing and making we form an attachment and it is hard letting go.  However, a material shopping spree is looming later in the week so as you can tell I haven't spent too long fretting and am now planning which material to buy some nice light weight denim I think, mmm...

Also, I met jewellery designer Julie Linn who makes the most creative jewellery I have seen for a while. Her pieces are inspired by the re-use of unusual materials such as bike inner tubes, but when you check out what she turns them into you will be amazed!

She also creates necklaces from materials such as silk and paper.  For anyone getting married this necklace would look amazing with a simple stylish wedding dress!  So check out her website here to see more of her beautiful pieces.

I have also been making some little purses, however, the girls have already snaffled these so I may have to make some more!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Folksy Friday

My theme today, (yes I have a theme, I am getting very organised) is wood.  I would have published this post earlier, however, I got sidetracked by all the gorgeous items on Folksy.   I definitely need to win the lottery tonight!

First up is this absolutely stunning take on a dolls house and would take pride of place on a table in the corner of my living room for me just to look at.  It is called Bats Cottage and is by Teapot Cottages

The next item is this beautiful table made by Tempting Tables and they certainly are!

And finally and definitely not least is this lovely little fellow carved by Woodwose Carving, so cute!


So let me know what you think of my choices and don't forget to enter my Giveaway, however, don't forget that you have to be a follower to win.  When entering you need to leave your comment and press 'Follow'.  Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Blog & Facebook Giveaway!

So it has been a while since I did a Giveaway on my Blog, so in order to alleviate my guilt of being a bad blogger I decided to do a big one!  Having a stock take the other day I realised that I have a number of tote bags left over from when I first began my bag making.  So here they are I am offering 4 bags up for grabs,

They will be all yours, all you have to do, yes you didn't think I was going to offer freebies and not ask anything in return did you?  So anyway here are my requests,

1) Follow & Leave a comment on my blog about which bag you would prefer
2) 'Like' & Leave a comment on my Facebook Fan Page stating which bag you would like

So thats it!  If you are really nice you could tweet my giveaway or give me a shout out of Facebook.  On Sunday 30th May at 5 p.m. I will choose the winners and after receiving contact details the bags will be winging their way off to their new homes.  The giveaway is open to all my international readers, so Good Luck!

Details of the bags are:

1) 11 x 13" handles 26 x 1 1/2" orange canvas with lace detail and beige kanzashi brooch
2) 11 x 13" handles 26 x 1/2" blue canvas with purple ribbon detail
3) 11 x 13"  handles 21 x 1" pinstripe material with kanzashi brooch
4) 14 x 13"  handles 28 x 2" pinstripe material with lace detail

All bags are big enough to fit an A4 ring binder so would be perfect for work or college.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Two New Bags & Where I will be this weekend

This weekend is the 2nd fair of my monthly craft fairs at Congleton, Victoria Mill Arts Centre. I am really looking forward to it as I had a whale of a time last time, sat sewing, making sales, chatting to lovely people and drinking coffee what better way to spend a Sunday! So if you are in the Cheshire area why not pop in and say hi. There is a lovely restaurant in the building that does Sunday lunches, you could make an afternoon of it!

Finally two more creations to add to my ever growing stock.  My facebook page is now up and running and as a special offer I am offering Facebook 'fans' 10% off when they use the shop now tab, however, this only lasts until the end of May!

Creation Collaboration Women Wednesday

Heres how you can join in with Collaboration Women Wednesday:
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Follow our Creation|Collaboration blog and the hostesses listed in the first 3 slots.

Grab our Women Wednesday button and feature it on your blog or Women Wednesday blog post.

Follow and comment saying you're from Women Wednesday on as many blogs as you likes listed in the McKlinky box.

Follow back any new followers from Women Wednesday!

It's that easy and a fun way to discover new and interesting blogs and us women at Creation|Collaboration get to meet other women in business!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Making my own display stands and handbags!

It was a busy weekend here at handbag headquarters I have the 2nd of my regular monthly craft fairs next Sunday and this time I wanted something to display my larger handbags on.  Most of my regular bags will stand up with the aid of some little stands that I snaffled at Lidl of all places! However, the larger ones need something bigger.  I knew that I didn't want metal as I wanted my display to have a natural organicy (new word I have made up!) feel to it.  So whilst mooching around in my local Instore I came across some trellis and bought two with the aim of hinging them together and voila!  Here they are in there primed up glory,

And here it is all painted up with flowers and my bags,

I have got some clamps to secure it to my table and think it does the job well, what do you think?

Also, I have been working on another shape of bags in the form of my mini hobo.  I love the slouchy feel of the hobo style however, there are times when you just don't need a bag that big, hence, the mini hobo!

And a slightly larger version with gorgeous Amy Butler fabric detail,

Friday, 14 May 2010

Folksy Friday things that make you go is it summer yet?

Here is my Folksy Friday made up of items  that make me go, is it summer yet?
First up are these absolutely beautiful glass angels from Diomo Glass.  Does anybody else just have items that they just have to have to look at, these would come into that category I love the colour and the organic lines, stunning!

This summer berries bracelet by Swirls and Squiggles is another item that I love because of the colour and composition, ooh roll on summer and strawberries and cream!

Finally this painting by Little Blue Bird definitely reminds me of summer days spent on the beach, with ice creams and trying to dodge the showers! 

Hope you enjoyed these, am off to check out the brochure of our recently booked holiday!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Thought I had lost my creative mojo!

However, after a couple of days of doodling and some fashion mags (well I tell hubby it is creative research anyway!) and a trip to the lovely shop Gone To Earth,  I am back on form.  Have new shape ideas and spent last night cutting out.  Will give you a sneak peak at the lovely fabric I have bought and can't wait for it to arrive!

I have also just entered a competition over at the Sewing Directory and would be absolutely chuffed to bits if I won this fabric bundle, how lush is this!


See my creative mind is in a whirl already, lol!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Big News New Shop!

Ok I have finally got around to opening a Facebook Storefront which means that all my lovely fans who see my creations and think 'wow I have got to have that!' can do so at the click of a mouse!  So anyone who has been good enough to join my Not Just Handbags group can I ask a favour and ask you to switch allegiance to my fan page

I am slowly adding more of my products to it, however, the full range can still be found on my Etsy & Folksy shops.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Clutch Bag Wrist Straps

So I have been promising for a while now that I would add wrist straps to my clutch bags as if you are anything like me you get fed up with carrying them half way through the night.  So here goes let me know what you think...

They are attached using a trigger clasp.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

My Creative Space & Happy Customers!

I am playing around with adding wrist straps to my clutches and wondering whether to go with cream rope or fabric?

I have also been featured on Karen's Blog aka The English Writer, another happy customer!

So for anyone who was ever curious about the space where handbag headquarters lives this is it my half of the dining table!  I didn't do a wide shot as I was too ashamed or the very unorganised chaos that is my working area.  Or as I tell my hubby I know exactly what is in each pile so don't touch, unless it is to move me into my new studio in the garden and then he shushes, mmm.. strange..

New Clutches & What I am loving this week.....

So here is two new clutches I have been working on this week...
First up is this cute vintage tartan one with a chiffon, bead fabric brooch and trailing ribbons..

And next is a soft, squashy linen clutch with a touch of art deco about it. Big enough for a night out and to use as a pillow at the end of a long night!

I have had a request for some with detachable wrist straps so the next few will feature this!

So for this weeks what I am loving how about these lovelies from Handbag Legend Lulu Guinness,

First up this unique, original and guaranteed to make you smile black cab bag (ooh try saying that fast!)

And this lovely cameo print one, I would like them both please!

So as usual let me know what you think and have a lovely weekend!  Ooh just a quick one before I go, Lisa over at U-Handbag has written a book about making your own bags and it can be found here.  I am a huge fan of Lisa's and find here site over at U-Handbag invaluable source of sewing information.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My First Treasury Appearance & What I did over the weekend...

Ooh excitement I have appeared in my first treasury!  Over at Etsy the lovely Mary at Mad Cat Pearls has chosen my red and brown clutch bag to be in a treasury of 'The People I have met along the way'.  So thank you Mary you made my day.

Link can be found here if you would like to leave a comment on any of the lovely items.

For our Bank Holiday Monday we had a trip out to the lovely Liverpool for a bit of retail therapy and a mooch around the Tate.  Much moaning and groaning ensued from the kids about, 'not another art gallery!', however, moaning ceased when they discovered what one of the exhibitions was.... The pictures were taken by my daughter J,

Wayne Hemingway and his son had joined forces to try and change the way people interact with art galleries.  They exhibited various sculptures from traditional to the modern and in the middle of the gallery they placed a dance floor on which you could dance to the music supplied via the headphones you put on at the beginning!  A very strange and exhilarating experience, however, quite odd when you took off your headphones you just saw people jigging around randomly.  Well worth a visit.

This picture was also taken by J one of the sculptures on display was a mirrored box which you looked into and saw a different view on each side.  However, when she took a picture it looked amazing,